San Francisco Y-Lift® Dermal Filler Treatment

San Francisco Y Lift® procedure restores  more youthful facial contours and lifts sagging skin. Learn Y Lift® advantages and disadvantages from San Francisco’s finest skin experts at

What Is the Y Lift®?

In the quest to look younger and more attractive, patients often turn to dermal fillers to help them with their facial enhancement goals. A popular request is to have their laugh lines disappear, their lips made more voluptuous, or perhaps to add some glamourous definition to the cheeks. In a younger person, a little filler can go a long way to improving their appearance. As we get older, however, a more holistic and tasteful approach is required to make an aging face preserve its youthful characteristics.

The Y Lift® is a new technique being offered in plastic surgery practices across the country based on the observation that when we’re younger our face is Y-shaped, wider at the top and narrower at the chin. Over time these youthful proportions become reversed as we lose volume in the mid-face and our skin starts to sag. The Y Lift® is a non-surgical face lift technique that uses a blunt Titanium instrument to reposition facial muscles and place dermal filler underneath to lift facial structures.

Y-Lift Drawbacks and Limitations

The Y Lift® can get expensive. Starting at $4,000, the cost can easily double depending on how many syringes are required. Given how deep the filler is injected, some patients are surprised to learn that up to 10-12 syringes may be necessary to achieve a satisfactory result. Additionally, due to the potentially high cost of the procedure and only short-term results (about 2 years) some patients may find it makes better financial sense to undergo a traditional facelift.

Juvederm & Restylane Used for Non-Surgical Facelift at Azala

Dr. Mosser and his team of highly experienced clinicians are very familiar with the Y Lift® technique and often use dermal fillers for rebuilding facial structures. Juvederm® Voluma for example has the perfect consistency to be placed under the muscle to achieve a similar lifting and contouring effects to the Y Lift. Additional products in the range including Juvederm® Vollure, Juvederm® Volbella, as well as Juvederm® Ultra and Ultra Plus can be used to restore a more youthful Y-shape to the face.

At Azala Aesthetic Clinic we believe in providing patients with the best range of options in treating their aesthetic concerns. For this reason, we also offer Restylane® fillers by Galderma in case a slight variance in characteristics such as texture or viscosity can produce a superior result. Patients can choose from the following range of products: Restylane® Lyft, Restylane® Silk, Refyne, Defyne and Restylane®.

When it comes to non-surgical rejuvenation it takes an intimate understanding of facial anatomy to achieve the lifting and definition required to make someone look more youthful without appearing ‘done’ or unnatural. We believe in taking a more conservative approach to using fillers (typically only using 1 or 2 syringes max per appointment), so that results look natural and refreshing. When you visit Azala, a highly trained and experienced clinician will help you determine which combination of fillers will give you the best possible facial enhancement results.

To learn more about Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation with Juvederm and Restylane, schedule your a meeting with an experienced clinician at Azala today. Call us at 415-780-1510

uvederm Voluma before and after photos female patient considerable improvement following liquid facelift

Juvederm Voluma Before and After Photos Liquid Facelift


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