Volbella Treatment for Natural Lip Enhancement*

For patients looking for the natural-looking, subtle increase in lip volume as well as a softening of vertical lip lines, our Azala office offers Volbella among our options of hyaluronic acid fillers.* Volbella, the newest addition to the Juvederm family of fillers by Allergan, is FDA-approved for use in the lip and in the lip lines above the mouth, also known as perioral lines.* We find that it’s a wonderful choice for these delicate areas because of its soft consistency.* Plus, the ultra smooth texture of Volbella ensures outcomes that are more subtle and boost your confidence.*

Volbella for Youthful Lips*

Volbella can be used to address a range of concerns in the lip area, including enhancing shape, increasing volume, symmetry and to reduce vertical lines around the mouth.* What’s unique about Volbella is that it contains hyaluronic acid molecules that are cross linked in a way that produces a smoother and lighter outcome, giving patients a more natural look and feel that lasts.*

Our highly experienced providers can tailor the injections for a treatment that takes into account your individual concerns. Whether you want a soft plump to your pout or to ease perioral lines, Volbella offers a natural-looking rejuvenation to the lip area.*

You’ll be pleased with your outcome.* Most people who see you on a daily basis may not even be able to pinpoint exactly why your appearance has improved!*

Less Swelling, Longer-Lasting Results

Unlike other fillers in the HA category, Volbella contains somewhat less hyaluronic acid. which results in decreased swelling after treatment.* Most patients find that if swelling does occur, it significantly lessens within a day.* With other fillers, swelling and bruising can sometimes last several days.* Another benefit of Volbella is that it is long lasting, giving patients the freedom to enjoy their results without worry.*

Reversing the Effects with Hyaluronidase

One of the unique characteristics of hyaluronic acid fillers is that the effects can be reversed by the enzyme hyaluronidase.* This enzyme simply reverses the effects of Volbella and other hyaluronic acid fillers within several days by dissolving the HA filler.* The good news is that it’s rare for individuals to ask for hyaluronic acid filler reversal. Nevertheless, patients are more comfortable opting for hyaluronic acid fillers knowing that hyaluronidase can help reverse its effects if necessary.

What to Expect with Volbella

After an initial consultation, your Azala treatment provider will use a topical numbing cream on the desired area. While discomfort is generally minimal with injectible fillers, this ensures a relaxed experience during your appointment. Volbella also contains a small amount of lidocaine, a numbing agent that contributes to a patient’s ultimate comfort. Improvements from your Volbella treatment will be seen immediately.* Possible swelling and numbness can last for up to a few weeks after your treatment, but in most cases will subside much faster.

* Individual results may vary, and not guaranteed.

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