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San Francisco Vanquish Ultra fat removal procedure. Vanquish Ultra advantages and disadvantages from San Francisco’s finest non surgical skin experts at Vanquish Ultra cost & find Vanquish Ultra near me.

What Is VANQUISH Ultra?

Sometimes it makes sense to combine several different technologies if their synergistic effects can produce superior results. Case in point, Vanquish Ultra is a body contouring treatment being offered at cosmetic clinics that uses two separate devices – the touchless VANQUISH ME™ radio frequency (RF) and BTL Exilis RF/ultrasound. The goal of the former is to eliminate stubborn fat while the latter is incorporated to stimulate collagen formation and to tighten skin.

Each treatment can be performed on its own; however, proponents claim that combining the two devices, VANQUISH ME™ and BTL Exilis®, is more effective at addressing patient needs when stubborn fat and skin laxity are present at the same time. Promoted as non-invasive and with no downtime, the Vanquish Ultra procedure is being performed on various areas of the face and body. For noticeable improvement a minimum of 4-6 sessions of both are recommended at two-week intervals.

Drawbacks and Limitations

Despite being offered ubiquitously at clinics around the country, radio frequency and ultrasound are not reliable methods when it comes to either body contouring or skin tightening. It’s not uncommon for patients to invest a great deal of time and money only to be disappointed with lack of results. RF and ultrasound delivered through the skin are simply not powerful enough to correct moderate to advanced cases of skin laxity or to reduce large areas of stubborn fat.

There’s also the pain factor to consider. In order to heat up skin tissues to the point disrupting collagen and fat cells, dermal temperature must reach somewhere between 41-46°C. Many people simply cannot tolerate such a high level of heat and find the procedure too excruciating to continue.

CoolSculpting® with NovaThreads: More Effective for Fat Reduction & Firming Skin

The idea of combining the right mix of treatments to boost results is actually a good one. Dr. Mosser and his team have been successfully treating excess fat and skin laxity with two highly effective modalities: CoolSculpting and NovaThreads. CoolSculpting® kills fat cells by freezing them through a process called cryolipolysis. NovaThreads lifts sagging skin while stimulating collagen for a long-term firming effect.

The biggest advantage of CoolSculpting® is the reliability of results. Thousands of clinical trials and patient testimonials confirm that CoolSculpting® works more consistently than any other fat reduction procedure on the market. With one session it’s possible to reduce stubborn fat pockets by 20-25% in just 12-16 weeks. On average 2-3 sessions are recommended but many people are happy with their results after only one treatment. CoolSculpting® is FDA-cleared to treat the stomach, love handles, inner and outer thighs, bra/back, arms, and under the chin. CoolSculpting® can take anywhere from 35-80 minutes and multiple zones can be treated in one day. There’s no downtime so patients can get back to their normal activities right away.

Once the desired level of fat reduction has been achieved, Dr. Mosser can address skin laxity issues in the abdomen or thighs with NovaThreads, a non-surgical technique that uses surgical sutures to elevate sagging skin for a lifting effect. Made with PDO (Polydioxanone), a safe surgical material, the “threads” that have been anchored into the skin slowly dissolve over time helping to stimulate the production of collagen in the area. The result is improved firmness and elasticity for up to 12-15 months.

We invite you to schedule a personalized consultation with one of our experienced clinicians at Azala Medical Aesthetics San Francisco to learn if CoolSculpting® in combination with NovaThreads is right for you.

PDO Novathreads thread lift before and after photos female patient abdomen

PDO Novathreads Thread Lift Before and After Photos Abdomen Female Patient

CoolSculpting before and after photos female patient fat reduction upper and lower abdomen

CoolSculpting Before and After Photos Upper and Lower Abdomen Female Patient




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