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Thigh Lift

There are certain parts of the body  – like the forearms and calves – that can easily contract, expand, and return back to its original shape despite changes in body weight and never show signs of loose, excess skin. However, other parts such as the upper arms and upper thighs are not so kind.  As a result of aging or weight loss, the upper thigh significantly loses skin elasticity. Often, this will lead to both physical and emotional distress as the extra skin in the thighs rub together while walking. Fortunately, a thigh lift can help remedy this problem by removing excess skin and lifting the remaining tissues in the area.* In this procedure, incisions are often hidden in the groin area. Patients can expect favorable results from a thigh lift, with significant improvements in the contour of the legs as well as total reduction of the loose, excess skin.*

The Basic of a Thigh Lift

A thigh lift, previously known as a medial thigh lift, is recommended for individuals who want to remove excess, hanging skin in the upper thigh area. This procedure is ideal for patients whose leg contours cannot be reshaped with diet and/or regular exercise. Often, individuals who opt for this procedure are either unhappy with the overall shape of their legs or just lose massive amounts of weight. Our patients are often delighted to learn that a thigh lift can be performed with liposuction to get rid of extra fat. When combining both, patients can expect smoother, thinner, and firmer legs.*

What You Can Expect From a Thigh Lift

During your thigh lift procedure with Dr. Mosser, he will create a tiny incision in the groin area which could extend downwards and go around the back of your thigh. This is the safest and most reliable technique in performing a thigh lift. Depending on your overall health and physique, the incision can also be made in the groin area alone. One advantage of a tiny thigh lift incision is it can be easily concealed with clothing and even most swimsuits. Once the incision is made during the procedure, Dr. Mosser carefully removes loose, hanging skin for a firmer and tighter appearance of your thighs.* To help accomplish the smoothest thigh contours possible, some patients may need to have liposuction in conjunction with a thigh lift to reduce excess fat.

* Individual results may vary, and not guaranteed.

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