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Thermage® treatment is commonly used for skin tightening and rejuvenation. Learn Thermage® drawbacks and limitations from San Francisco’s finest skin experts at

What Is Thermage®?

The cosmetic industry seems to be decidedly undecided about Thermage®. Some physicians and service providers sing its praises. While others claim it’s an outdated technology that needs to be put out of its misery. In the middle are the patients who are equally ambivalent, some having had measurable skin-tightening improvement while others were left disappointed with no results at all. While still available at cosmetic clinics, Thermage® no longer dominates the non-surgical face lift category.

Approved for the treatment of skin laxity, lines and wrinkles in 2002, Thermage® was positioned as a skin-tightening treatment. It was supposed to help firm up areas such as the jawline and neck for patients who weren’t ready to go under the knife. Thermage® uses the Thermatip™ handpiece to deliver monopolar radio frequency energy through the epidermis to the deep dermal layers. The purpose is to create a controlled thermal injury that stimulates a boost in collagen that results in lifted facial contours. Since its introduction, thousands of procedures have been performed to mixed reviews and the treatment now sits at a paltry 52% approval rating on RealSelf. So what went wrong with this promising device and why is Thermage® no longer the treatment of choice for physicians and patients alike?

Thermage Drawbacks and Limitations

The number one complaint regarding Thermage® is that it’s extremely painful. Even with the addition of a numbing agent and Thermacool tip patients have a hard time making it through the treatment. The pain factor comes from having to heat multiple layers of skin tissue, over and over again. The goal is to reach the dermis and raise its temperature in the range of 55-70 degrees Celsius. Since many patients find this level of heat unbearable, lower settings are used which leads to lackluster or unpredictable outcomes.

Why Azala Medical Aesthetics Doesn’t Offer Thermage®

Dr. Mosser and his team of trusted clinicians are committed to offering only the safest, most advanced skin-enhancing procedures that deliver results consistently and with minimal discomfort. Their extensive first-hand experience treating patients with RF devices has led them to the conclusion they do not result in measurable improvement in skin tightening. Therefore, the management at Azala Medical Aesthetics has chosen not to offer Thermage® at this time. The high cost of treatment doesn’t justify the possibility of poor results when more effective and reliable procedures are available.

For patients looking to improve skin laxity, we offer PDO NovaThreads, a non-surgical procedure using surgical sutures to lift and restore facial contours. The thread lift procedure can be combined with Halo Fractional Laser to address additional signs of aging such as mild skin laxity, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Rest assured that we take great pride in making sure our patients are fully satisfied with their results. Each treatment personally selected to be offered at Azala is backed by clinical success and is proven to effectively correct patients’ targeted skin concerns.

To learn more about the NovaThreads or Halo Fractional Laser schedule your consultation with Azala San Francisco today.

Halo Fractional Laser for Pigment, Lines, Wrinkles and Mild Skin Laxity

PDO NovaThreads thread lift before and after photos female patient jowl lift

PDO NovaThreads Thread Face Lift Before and After Photos Female Patient

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