The Ultimate Guide to Botox and More Before You Turn 30

This year I turned 29. So much has come of it so far, like this amazing job I’ve started as the manager of Azala Medical Aesthetics and the confidence in yourself you get that only comes with time. However, there is so much lore about your 30’s. Aside from it being the new 20’s, we all know it’s when you start noticing the slight changes in your skin that weren’t there a few years ago. It triggers the ideas of upping your skincare game, that one time you got really sunburnt when you were 25 and finally asking your friends if they get Botox. 

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, it’s easy to picture the images of a few celebrities who went too far with filler or Botox which is why these procedures carry an air of shame along with them. But it’s exactly now, the emotionally triggering almost 30th birthday, that these treatments, and not just Botox and fillers, are the most effective at helping you age gracefully and potentially helping you reverse those few years in college you didn’t bother putting sunscreen on. Here are some steps you can take into the medical aesthetics world that will change the quality of your skin.

Up Your Skincare: Make Sure You Have The “Dermatologist Three”

This is a great time to do a skincare audit. Take a look at what you use in your skincare routine and make sure they include the “dermatologist three:” sunscreen, retinol and an antioxidant.


A majority of aging comes from UV damage, not to mention that more people are diagnosed with skin cancer over all other cancers combined. A good sunscreen will help with reducing that risk. A staff favorite is EltaMD’s UV Daily, a perfect daily sunscreen that also acts as a moisturizer because of its hyaluronic acid.


It takes younger skin around 28 days to fully regenerate and longer as we age. That means it takes over 28 days for pigmentation to come to the surface and slough off, for texture to go away or skin cells to collect in a clogged pore. Retinoids help increase the speed in which our skin cells turn over. Think of it as an exercise for your skin. It’ll help get those pores clear too. We carry prescription-strength retinoids as well as over-the-counter retinols for those who have more reactive skin because everyone deserves to have retinoid.


Free radicals are super oxidizers. Think of how an apple disintegrates as it’s being oxidized – that is what is happening to our skin cells as we expose ourselves to common free radicals like UV rays and pollution. The remedy is to use a potent antioxidant to make sure we fight those reactions. We carry the number one antioxidant in the game: SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic serum. We also carry SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF which is great for those who want an antioxidant but are more acne and pigmentation prone.

Preventative Botox Is A Thing

It takes a lot for your face to look plastic with Botox. That’s why preventative Botox or Dysport is the way to go if you’re trying to slow down your fine lines from becoming deep lines. Fine lines will get deeper and deeper with repetitive movement so if you’re able to limit said movement, you’ll be in better shape for those deep lines in the future. Going to a clinic that prides itself in natural results, like Azala Medical Aesthetics, will ensure you’re getting the most safe and effective amounts to ensure you’ll still look like yourself. Also, when you use Botox as a preventative measure instead of a reactionary measure, you might not need it as often as the recommended three to four months.

Chemical Peels

We all know exfoliation is good. A change in hormone levels, which can be caused by life and stress in general, can lead to adult acne and oilier skin. A chemical peel will help reveal those pores making your cleansers and products more effective after your face has healed. When you go to a medical practice to get it done, that means you’ll safely ensure the top layer of your skin will slough off. Think of it as a controlled trauma. Your immune system will put its energy into regenerating your skin cells and producing collagen which will help with aging gracefully as well. This is a great preventative measure to the integrity of your skin and has a lower cost barrier to entry in the grand scheme of cosmetic procedures.

Microneedling and Platelet Rich Plasma

Also known as the “Vampire Facial.” Like chemical peels, we’re creating micro-wounds that will stimulate collagen production in your skin. This is great for skin texture like true acne scarring and pore size. Enhance your treatment with platelet rich plasma! Think of it like getting a fully customized, down to the DNA, serum to help heal and stimulate growth.

Natural Looking Fillers

This is probably the one procedure that took me the longest to digest as a solution. Thanks to YouTube, we’re so inundated with overfilled lips and cheeks that we don’t think a provider can merely stop injecting. Because we pride ourselves on natural looking results, you can feel confident in making sure you achieve the natural and healthy look you’re going for. 

Not sure where to start?

At Azala, we offer complimentary consultations because information about your skin shouldn’t cost money. Our consultations consist of a VISIA skin analysis, one on one time with our providers and an honest quote. Check us out on Instagram and at in the meantime or swing by to pick up some skincare products and meet us in person.

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