The Lip Flip: Get a Fuller Looking Lip without Fillers

As Botox grows in popularity, so are its uses. It can already help lessen the appearance of wrinkles, help with jaw clenching and decrease sweat production. Here’s something else Botox can do for you: the lip flip.

What is the Lip Flip?

The lip flip is when you strategically inject Botox in the muscle around your mouth called the orbicularis oris which relaxes the muscles slightly causing the lip to flip outward giving the appearance of a fuller lip. When this is done correctly and injected in the right areas, you won’t compromise the movement of the entire muscle like you would by freezing the areas of the forehead for example. 

Source: Alyssa Lucero on YouTube*
*work not done at Azala but can achieve similar results

There Are Minimal Downsides to the Lip Flip

There is little downside to the lip flip compared to other procedures out there, however, because of the nature of Botox, this isn’t a permanent treatment. Botox requires quarterly maintenance and if you regularly desire that look, you’ll need to come in every 3-4 months depending on how your body processes the injections.

If you receive too much or if it is injected into the wrong areas, you may lose the ability to use the muscles around your mouth (think using straws, for example). That is why it’s important to receive this treatment from trained medical professionals who have had the training and experience and have a good grasp of anatomy like our entire medical staff at Azala Medical Aesthetics.

What Will My Treatment Be Like?

The lip flip only requires a few units of Botox so it’s an easy addition to other treatments or your regular Botox maintenance. Administering it only takes a few minutes and can also be added to your appointment if you’re coming in for fillers or microneedling. While we don’t usually apply topical numbing cream for Botox, this area can be a little more sensitive, so if you’re less tolerant to pain, we can apply numbing cream however, that will prolong your appointment slightly as we need time for the numbing cream to kick in.

Lip Fillers or The Botox Lip Flip? What’s Right For Me?

They are two different treatments. Fillers will actually be adding volume to your lips but the lip flip with give you the appearance of a fuller lip without the volume. While the lip flip is a significantly lower cost investment than filler, it will last about a quarter of the time it takes for your body to process the natural hyaluronic acid fillers. Of course, you can use both together! They are a perfect compliment to each other. 

What Will Happen if I get Fillers and the Lip Flip?

Good things! One of the benefits to getting both Botox and fillers is that the Botox will help inhibit recurring movement which would in turn prevent fillers from dissolving or processing quicker meaning it will look fresher for longer. If you’re worried about your lips looking too full, there’s no need. At Azala, we strive to meet your aesthetic goals, however we like to start with natural. It’s always easier to get more than to remove and dissolve!

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