I had an amazing experience with Dr. Mosser and his staff. This is some of the best medical care I have received. The administration was extremely nice to me, whenever we talked on the phone or over email I felt as if we had been long time friends. They were very kind and listened to everything I had to say and were extremely helpful. In particular, Cindy and Melissa, were super open and respectful, and always prepared.

I had a double incision ftm top surgery. I felt that Dr. Mosser and I chose this procedure together as the best one that fit for me. The hospital was a great choice as well, I felt extremely taken care of by Dr. Mosser and the Aesthetician, and the hospital staff. I didn’t have many complications, and whenever I had a question, the office and Dr. Mosser were always right there to provide support and an answer.

I would absolutely go back if I needed any other type of cosmetic procedure, I highly recommend Dr. Mosser and the staff!

In addition, I am extremely happy with my results. Everything has gone really smoothly in terms of healing. I check up with Dr. Mosser every month. He is very well informed and experienced in this type of procedure.

Dylan B. – Yelp*

“The greatness that is Dr. Scott Mosser! I have coined him the “Fred Astaire” of breast augmentation. If you know anything about good ole Fred, he studied, practiced, and honed his craft relentlessly until it came across as effortless. What I am saying is “He does what he does, and he does it well.” He also is patient in answering any & all questions without making you feel rushed or annoying…Believe me, I know. No matter what I have gone in there for I take a minimum of 5-10mins describing what I want. He sits patiently and takes in every word I say without seeming frustrated, but glad to know how he can give me what I want.

As far as my breast augmentation goes, I am lil more than a month out and they are EXACTLY what I asked for and I couldn’t be happier. I came in countless times to try on sizers and ask questions, before I FINALLY decided what I wanted. Each time I came in I either had a netbook full of pics for him to look at or a collage of boobs I wanted. He never showed any sign of frustration, but was the exact opposite…ready & willing to listen and discuss my ideas as far as what I wanted my end results to be.”

Eboniña E. – Yelp*

“Without hesitation, I trust Dr. Mosser with my health and beauty. He is well-qualified, talented in his craft; He is honest, professional and simply a delightful person to work with.”

Rebecca H. – Yelp*

“I went to Dr. Mosser a couple years ago for some minor injections. Given that, I can’t give much feedback as to his surgical abilities, but I can say Dr. Mosser seems like a very responsible, ethical plastic surgeon with excellent bedside manner and a support staff that is on it. I’ve met a lot of plastic surgeons and it’s the office administration that tends to be a mess. Not so with Mosser’s orderly ship. This really can make a big difference in your experience and feeling like you’re safely taken care of. Dr. Mosser is extremely honest and definitely puts his patients’ satisfaction above money. I went back to him for a consultation on some other issues and he was extremely honest even if it meant less money for him because no surgery for me. He was honest that one issue I had could not guarantee it could be fixed, he recommended I ignore another issue because it was minor and not worth the pain of surgery, and referred me to another specialist for a third issue I had.”

Amy M. – Yelp*

“I take great care of my skin. Over the years I have been lucky enough to go to wonderful doctors all over the country. To say I am pleased with Dr. Mosser is an understatement. Before I have ANY procedure done I do a tremendous amount of research on the Internet, so when I go the doctor I know exactly what I am getting into. I have walked into Dr. Mosser’s office telling him what procedures I “think” I need, and given him carte blanche to do what he thinks would make me look fantastic. Each time, over the last two years that I have gone in with this expectation, he will tell me that I do not need half of the things that want done. I have met many surgeons that do not work with their patients in such an ethical manner and are happy to spend their money. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and can talk to all of the latest procedures happening right now. He has a great website that helps his patients understand the many treatments that he offers. Most importantly to me, as I turn black and blue when the wind blows, I have never walked out of his office swollen or bruised. As I have stated, I have encountered bad surgeons and good ones. He is fantastic, and I am never disappointed. His staff is lovely and helpful as well.”

M. J. – Yelp*

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