Sculptra is a filler made from PLLA (poly-L-lactic acid). For decades, PLLA is the main material used in making absorbable sutures such as surgical-dissolving stitches. It has been proven to be safe in humans as it simply dissolves and can be flushed completely out of the system. Each vial of Sculptra has tiny amounts of powdered material that stimulate collagen production and eventually improve facial volume. Sculptra is best for patients who need large amounts of fillers to treat areas in the face that need a significant amount of volume for areas such as hollow, sunken cheeks. Treating these areas with standard fillers won’t work because of the large amounts required to achieve desired results.

How Sculptra Works

The wonderful effects of Sculptra has nothing to do with the powdered material in the vial. Desired outcomes are accomplished when your body interacts with the filler and forms collagen.* While it doesn’t have the instant results that most fillers provide, its long-lasting effects are worth it.* With these injections, there is a gradual improvement that is accomplished over several months of injections.* Many patients prefer this over other fillers with instant results because their friends won’t be able to notice the changes. With gradual transformation, family and friends will notice the wonderful changes in the patient’s skin but can’t specifically pinpoint what the change is about.

What Are the Possible Complications or Issues?

During the early days of Sculptra use, there have been reports of the appearance of nodules near the injection site. These nodules are firm areas that are rarely visible and can be felt underneath the skin. After performing hundreds of injections, Dr. Mosser has only ever felt two nodules and has never seen a visible nodule in any of his patient’s skin. In his opinion, nodules are least likely to happen if careful techniques and safety precautions are employed. If there’s one simple rule to prevent potential issues, it should never be used in the superficial areas around the lips and the eyes. By and large, it is a perfectly safe product to use.

Where Not To Use Sculptra

All areas in the face respond well to Sculptra except for the lips and the thinner parts in the lower eyelids.

The Right Candidates for Sculptra

Sculptra injections work well for patients who need substantial amounts of facial volume such as individuals with extremely hollow cheeks or gaunt looking faces. If you’re one of those individuals who looks younger if you gain a bit of weight as your face becomes plumper and rounder, Sculptra is perfect for you.* However, if you only want to improve small areas in the face, smile lines, for example, you might want to opt for a different facial filler option.

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