San Francisco RFZet Treatment & Procedure

San Francisco RFZet procedure uses radio frequency (RF) to tighten skin and destroy fat cells. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of RFZet from San Francisco’s finest skin and fat reduction experts at

What Is RFZet?

Healthy collagen is the key to beautiful skin and a vibrant complexion. The breakdown of collagen is also the reason skin ages, starts to get wrinkled, and sag. RFZet is a radio frequency (RF) skin tightening device that promises to turn back the clock by stimulating collagen production and improving skin elasticity. Depending on the settings, the technology can also be used for body contouring.

RFZet uses RET (Resistive Electric Transfer) to raise the dermal temperature between 41.6- 45˚C with the goal of activating the skin’s natural wound healing response. In skin-tightening mode, the RFZet treats wrinkles, crepey skin under the eyes and laxity issues for both face and body. Using more intense RET settings the RFZet device claims to liquefy adipose tissue for the purpose of fat reduction.

RFZet Drawbacks and Limitations

Radio frequency may be popular for non-surgical face lifting because of minimal pain and downtime but the efficacy of these devices is highly questionable. In fact, RFZet results can be extremely unpredictable since the process of bulk heating of skin tissues, in order to get to the dermis where collagen is located, is not very efficient. Furthermore, reaching 45˚C to achieve fat reduction can get very uncomfortable for a lot of patients and they simply cannot tolerate the intense heat and pain.

Why Azala Medical Aesthetics Doesn’t Offer RFZet

Dr. Mosser and his experienced staff have performed RF treatments in the past for skin-tightening and noticed that they don’t live up to expectations or claims made by the manufacturers of these devices. Ensuring patients see noticeable improvement is our clinic’s number one priority and for this reason Azala Medical Aesthetics doesn’t offer any radio frequency technologies at this time.

Skin-tightening can be achieved with much more precision and reliability using a non-surgical procedure known as NovaThreads. Dr. Mosser has been performing NovaThreads in his practice with great success to lift sagging skin and contour the face. This minimally-invasive treatment can also be done on the body in areas such as the abdomen, legs and knees. NovaThreads is an advanced technique that uses surgical threads with tiny barbs to anchor sagging skin to a more youthful and elevated position. As the threads get absorbed slowly over time, their presence under the skin stimulates collagen synthesis that improves skin volume and firmness for 12-18 months.

Halo fractional laser by Sciton® can greatly enhance the NovaThreads treatment by smoothing out lines, wrinkles, skin texture and reducing pigmentation. Halo is the first hybrid device that uses both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths at the same time to improve the skin’s appearance. The downtime is only 3-5 days and only 1-2 sessions are required for dramatic results.

As a body contouring procedure RFZet may leave patients extremely disappointed. RF is not as effective at permanently destroying fat cells compared to other technologies such as CoolSculpting. Instead of sending RF energy through the skin, CoolSculpting freezes fat cells, a process called cryolipolysis. After 12-16 weeks patients can expect permanent reduction of the treatment area by 25% with each session. There is minimal downtime and discomfort, and patients can return to their lives immediately after the procedure.

Contact Azala San Francisco today to learn more about NovaThread benefits and Halo Fractional Laser treatment.

Novathreads treatment before and after photos female patient improvement to jawline

Novathreads Lower Face Before and After

Novathreads before and after photos female patient loose skin pulled up for smoother appearance

NovaThread Lift Abdomen Before and After

CoolSculpting Abdomen Before and After



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