Reward Yourself with our NEW VIP Beauty Membership

What are your long-term beauty goals? Here at Azala, we are committed to helping you achieve and maintain the look you desire. Looking your best year-round is not just about how you appear on the outside, it’s about feeling confident to go after the things that matter the most to you — whether it’s getting promoted at work, being a great role model, or achieving your aesthetic goals!

In an effort to make your beauty upkeep simple, we’re thrilled to announce our brand new VIP Beauty Membership. This exclusive membership is designed to be customized to address your aesthetic goals while working with your budget. Aside from saving 5% on every single treatment and product, the benefits of joining Azala’s VIP Beauty Membership include just one monthly payment that covers everything you need, plus bonus perks along the way.

Joining is easy. Here’s how it works:

  1. You’ll first come into our office for a consultation to discuss your personal beauty goals. Schedule your consultation today!
  2. We then will personalize a treatment plan using the best products and procedures to address your concerns.
  3. You’ll then just pay one simple monthly payment, locking-in special pricing and enjoying tons of FREE rewards along the way.

Benefits of Becoming a Member:

  • Get a customized plan to help you achieve your specific beauty goals
  • One simple monthly payment covers it all
  • Save 5% on every treatment throughout the year
  • Get FREE rewards along the way
  • Complimentary area of Botox after 6 months
  • Complimentary BBL face treatment after 12 months
  • Tons more FREE rewards along the way

It’s never been easier to save big on beauty treatments that keep you looking and feeling great.

Isn’t it about time to reward yourself?

Become a Member Today!

* Individual results may vary, and not guaranteed.

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