Q. Why do your patients get fillers?

Our patients love fillers because they are a subtle way to rebuild structure to the face that’s been lost with aging without looking overdone.* As we age, we lose bone, collagen and fat, which can leave the face looking saggy, hollow and tired. Many patients notice this structure loss as shadows or hollowness around the eyes, nasolabial folds, and sagging into the jowls.

Q. Explain why fillers are so popular in your opinion?

A. Fillers have become increasingly popular in recent years because they provide significant and immediate improvement in your appearance with minimal to no downtime. When injected properly, fillers provide a refreshed look and take years off the face without permanently altering one’s appearance.* They are also incredibly safe and well tolerated. Many fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, which is a compound that your body naturally makes. This means your body knows how to break it down and the risk of allergic reaction is very minimal. There are benefits of fillers for every age range… from those looking for a little more plump to their lips to those looking for a total facial makeover.

Q. Do you consider fillers an alternative to surgical facelifts?

A. For many patients, fillers can be an excellent option to help lift and rejuvenate without surgery. We use specific advanced injection techniques that can lift and contour the entire face and provide a natural aesthetic without looking over filled or puffy. The idea is to strategically rebuild structure in the face where it has been lost. When we lose structure in the mid face, it causes sagging into the lower half of the face around the mouth, jowls, and jawline. With these specific injection techniques – it’s like placing delicate support structures to naturally tighten and lift tissue.*

Q. What would you tell someone who is considering fillers, but they’re nervous about having the treatment?

A. The goal of filler is to create a natural aesthetic where one looks refreshed. I always tell patients that I want them to look like the best version of themselves for their age. I never want to change their unique features or create the over-done look that we all often see in the media. No one should be able to look at your face and know that you’ve had filler. You should just look really good.

My goal is to create a look similar to when you return from a long relaxing and restful vacation. You still look like you, just more vibrant! The huge positive of fillers is that we can always start slow and build over time – if a new patient is at all nervous about how they will look. The injections are very comfortable and quick, we also apply a very effective numbing agent to the skin prior to injections. Minimal swelling and bruising are common, but many patients can go back to their normal social activities right away. And in worse case scenarios if someone has regrets, we can inject an enzyme that will completely dissolve the filler within a few days.

If patients are considering fillers, they are welcome to contact us for a free consultation. We are always happy to answer questions and meet with patients about their concerns or questions.

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