Non-Surgical Rejuvenation for Your Eyes: Under Eye Filler, Botox and Laser

Your eyes are the first thing people notice about you. They can express your mood, emotions and even the state of your health. Unfortunately they can also give away your age. Premature aging around the eye area can manifest in a number of ways, sometimes occurring simultaneously. The most common issues that we see are lines and wrinkles (called crow’s feet), changes in texture or “crepey” skin, dark circles, eye bags and hollowness.

The good news is that we can reverse many of these undesirable signs of aging around the eyes without surgery. Advances in laser technology, under eye fillers and anti-wrinkle injections have come a long way over the last couple of years. Now it’s possible to have smooth skin and ageless peepers in just a few visits to your injector’s office. Below is an overview of the top under eye concerns and the best ways to address them:

Botox: Anti-Wrinkle Injections to Soften Crow’s Feet

Having strong muscles is generally considered a good thing. When it comes to your face, however, it may be more of a drawback than a benefit. If you’re particularly expressive and happy (again, a very good quality) your facial expressions can cause wrinkles to form around your eyes. At first the lines are only visible when you’re smiling or laughing (dynamic lines). As the collagen breaks down with age the crow’s feet morph into static lines, becoming “etched” into your skin permanently.

The best solution is Botox. It’s a neuromodulator that’s also known as the anti-wrinkle injection. This popular medication works by blocking communication between nerve cells. This causes your muscles to temporarily stop moving and thus relaxing any lines and wrinkles. Regular Botox treatments allow you to smile and laugh while keeping your eye area smooth and youthful. Make sure to book your appointment every three to four months as your regular prevention and maintenance schedule. 

Under Eye Filler to Conceal Hollowness, Dark Circles and Bags

Non-Surgical Rejuvenation for Your Eyes: Under Eye Filler, Botox and Laser

Hollowness under the eyes (also called tear trough area) can be genetic, age-related or due to an illness.

Regardless of the reason, we can dramatically improve your appearance with under eye filler injections. These are placed at mid-level using either a traditional needle or cannula. The best under eye filler has a thinner texture, robust volume-boosting ability while still looking and feeling natural under the skin.

We’ve had great success working with products such as Restylane Silk because its small molecule size makes it ideal for restoring volume under the eyes. It also doesn’t produce the Tyndall effect – a bluish tinge in the skin which happens with other fillers. Additionally, Juvederm Volbella recently received FDA approval for use under the eyes. We love Volbella because of its superior cross-linked technology and long-lasting action. You can expect your under eye filler to last anywhere from 6-12 months.  

Under eye filler for dark circles is another popular request here are Azala Medical Aesthetics. Although it’s not permanent, dermal fillers can help mask dark circles and brighten the skin in this area. Typically half to one syringe is sufficient to achieve considerable improvement. The same goes for under eye bags. They’re very common but we can treat them if they’re mild to moderate in appearance. If you have considerable edema (swelling) or separation of fat pads in the eye/cheek junction then you may require blepharoplasty surgery.

Halo Fractional Laser for Smoother, Firmer Skin

Since the skin directly under the eyes is extremely thin and lacks oil glands it can develop a parched, crepey appearance. Once this happens the only way to effectively restore smoothness and firmness non-surgically is with laser resurfacing. The big advantage with laser is that it can ablate the surface epidermal layers while boosting natural collagen and elastin. A combination of both results in considerable rejuvenation of the skin and underlying tissue.

The Halo Fractional Laser is the most advanced device at the moment for skin resurfacing. Its clever hybrid technology combines two different lasers and wavelengths at the same time to repair and rejuvenate the skin. The first laser strips layers of damaged skin cells while the second laser boosts collagen and accelerates healing. This treatment has much less downtime than traditional lasers with the same level of results. Halo is a perfect addition to under eye fillers or Botox injections to keep your eyes looking youthful well into your fifties and sixties.

Don’t Forget the Eye Cream!

You’ve had Botox, filler and laser. Congratulations, your eyes look amazing! Now you may be tempted to stop using your anti-aging products. Here’s why you shouldn’t. Laser resurfacing can make your skin extremely sensitive to sun exposure so you should definitely step up your UV defense strategy. Make sure you use a good daily sun block.

The other reason not to eschew your beauty products is maintenance. Specialized serums such as SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic contain vital antioxidants that can protect your skin from the elements. Other products are specifically designed to prolong the results of your laser procedure. Neocutis LUMIERE Riche Bio-restorative Eye Balm helps to prevent dark circles, puffiness, discoloration and fine lines and dryness as a complement to your medical aesthetic treatments.

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