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Lower Body Lift

Have you recently accomplished an extreme weight loss goal, but were disappointed with drooping, excess skin or tissue in the lower abdomen and the back? You are an ideal candidate for belt lipectomy, also known as the lower body lift surgery.

This surgical procedure aims to tone and reshape the underlying tissues supporting your skin and body fat.* By and large, this procedure can lift the buttocks, tighten the lateral thighs, and flatten the tummy in one tiny incision.*

The Basics of Lower Body Lift

For a majority of our bariatric (weight loss patients), the lower body lift is the most sought after procedure. This body-reshaping surgery helps remove unwanted fat and excess skin to help reshape the body for a more youthful and appealing shape. Cellulite that has to do with excess skin may also respond well to a lower body lift.

The lower body lift is an ideal treatment if a buttock lift or a tummy tuck won’t be enough to help accomplish the body contours you desire in the lower body. In most cases, the lift can be performed in conjunction with other surgical procedures like an upper arm lift, medial thigh lift, or breast enhancement surgery. Dr. Mosser will make recommendations on the number of procedures that can be safely performed together using general anesthesia.

* Individual results may vary, and not guaranteed.

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