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Long Forehead Shortening

Individuals who are deeply bothered with their long foreheads will benefit from a forehead shortening procedure wherein the hairline is repositioned downward and forward.*  Forehead asymmetry may be a result of aging, heredity, or a combination of both. Often, it can distract people from focusing on other wonderful parts of your face such as the eyes and your smile.

For women, having a long forehead may result in difficulty wearing hairstyles they’ve always wanted to try. A forehead shortening surgery mainly involves repositioning of the underlying skin and muscles to accomplish a more appealing proportion.*

What You Can Expect from a Forehead Shortening Surgery

Like all surgeries, the specifics of each procedure depends on the issues you want to address, current characteristics of your body, and the goals you’ve agreed with Dr. Mosser during the consultation. In a forehead shortening surgery, Dr. Mosser creates tiny incisions in the hairline to reposition the underlying skin and muscles in the forehead. As a result, the forehead’s length is greatly reduced and consequently shrinks in size.* You can expect inconspicuous scarring from this procedure because the incisions are made in the hairline.*

* Individual results may vary, and not guaranteed.

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