San Francisco Isolaz Acne & Pore-Cleansing Treatment

San Francisco Isolaz acne and pore-cleansing treatment. Removes blockages in the pores, including blackheads, debris, oil, dead cells and acne-causing bacteria. Acne treatments more effective than Isolaz near me in San Francisco.

What Is Isolaz?

Acne tends to be more prevalent during the teenage years but it can affect people at all stages of life. It’s not uncommon for some women in particular to experience acne well into adulthood. In fact, it’s possible to have blemishes and wrinkles at the same time. Just as there are many different types and causes of breakouts, countless medications, acne treatments and skin products are available to address this condition. One procedure in particular, called Isolaz, offers hope to acne sufferers by claiming to target and address the root cause of the problem.

Isolaz is an FDA-cleared device that combines vacuum suction with broadband light to close off the pathways that cause acne using their “CPR” approach. The first step cleanses the pores with a vacuum to clean out dirt and impurities. Next, the skin is purified using broadband light, helping to destroy acne-causing microbes and reduce facial redness. The last step replenishes the skin with medicated skincare products to enhance results.

Isolaz Drawbacks and Limitations

Patient satisfaction is inconsistent with Isolaz which is subject to mixed reviews. It only has a 68% approval rating on RealSelf. The biggest complaint with Isolaz is that it’s not suitable as a cystic acne treatment. Suction is contraindicated for this group of patients and some reviewers claim the procedure made their acne worse. In fact, physicians who offer this treatment tell their patients upfront to expect a worsening of symptoms in the beginning as the device can stimulate impurities to migrate to the surface. Other complication can occur with Isolaz, including bruising, blisters, burns, scabbing, scarring, and pigment changes.

BroadBand Light (BBL) Forever Clear

Dr. Mosser and his experienced team feel that Forever Clear BBL delivers the best acne treatment option for mild cases. Forever Clear BBL is a powerful Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device that harnesses the power of light to control various types of acne without any products, medications or serious side-effects. This advanced technology uses three different light wavelengths to help clear the skin. The first BLUE BBL light destroys acne-causing bacteria. The second YELLOW BBL light counteracts inflammation and reduces the redness that usually accompanies acne. Finally gentle pulses of SkinTyte II™ INFRA-RED light helps to regenerate tissues for a healthier and more radiant complexion in a few months.

Vi Peel

Chemical peels such as the Vi Peel can offer patients another proven treatment modality for mild acne and acne scar removal. It contains a blend of trichloroacetic acid and Retin-A, two powerful medications that eradicate acne-causing bacteria deep inside the pores. Furthermore, now the Vi Peel Precision Plus can also treat acne scarring and hyperpigmentation with the launch of their new Hydroquinone and Kojic acid line. With a series of regular treatments, Vi Peel treatments can address not only acne and acne scars, but also skin texture, tone and mild laxity. Another well-known advantage of peels in general is that they’re safe and effective for all skin types.

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Vi Peel chemical peel before and after photo female patient whose acne cleared up

Vi Peel Before and After Photo Female Patient Acne Cleared Up

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