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INIFNI RF Radio Frequency lasers are commonly used for tightening and rejuvenation. Learn the drawbacks and limitations from San Francisco’s finest skin experts at Learn the downtime, costs and Inifini RF treatment near me.


As we age the natural collagen in our skin breaks down and our facial features such as cheeks and jawline start to sag and lose volume. Fortunately we don’t have to accept these unpleasant signs of getting older as universal truths because many skin issues can be corrected with minimally-invasive, non-surgical methods. One procedure, called the INFINI RF, uses microneedling in combination with radio frequency (RF) to stimulate collagen production and improve skin quality.

During the procedure 49 insulated needles are inserted into the skin to heat up the tissues. Each INFINI RF session delivers three passes with the device, covering 30% of the treatment area, and resulting in approximately 50,000 microscopic punctures also known as micro-coagulation zones.

INFINI RF Drawbacks and Limitations

Radiofrequency devices are notoriously painful so a topical numbing cream and in some cases nerve block injections may be recommended. Additionally, positive outcomes with radiofrequency treatments are unpredictable. Some patients have satisfactory results while the majority are left wondering if the procedure was worth the time and money. Immediately after, redness and swelling can be expected and can take several days to subside. For optimum results, multiple sessions are recommended. INFINI RF positions itself as an anti-aging treatment but it’s not a replacement for surgery which may still be required in cases of advanced skin aging and laxity.

Microneedling with the Eclipse MicroPen More Affordable than INFINI RF

Although they do offer some benefits, Microneedling RF treatments can be costly, especially when multiple sessions are required to achieve pleasing results. For those on a tight budget hoping to take advantage of the amazing skin improvements offered by microneedling, the popular MicroPen® procedure by Eclipse is an appealing option. Affordability is made even more attractive by the device’s advanced technology which delivers outstanding clinical results for the treatment of acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, texture issues and enlarged pores. Microneedling side effects and downtime are minimal (24-48 hours) and once the skin has fully healed results are visible within 30 days.

What is Microneedling with the Eclipse MicroPen?

The Eclipse MicroPen® is a device that travels across the skin’s surface deploying 12 micro-needles into the dermis and epidermis. This causes hundreds of microscopic injuries to occur deep in the skin and the body goes to work immediately, healing the tiny wounds and building new collagen. Over time, as the skin regenerates itself, a noticeable improvement in skin texture and overall complexion are the result.

With its excellent safety and efficacy record, the MicroPen® can be used on all skin types and ethnic backgrounds. Treatments can be personalized to each patient because the pen offers customizable settings and options. PRP (platelet rich plasma) can be combined with the MicroPen® to boost the results even more by introducing growth factors that promote healing and stimulate cellular repair.

Sciton’s Halo Fractional Laser Offers More Predictable Results than Radiofrequency

In some cases patients may need to address more complex issues such as pigmentation, skin aging and deeper texture problems. Our versatile Halo laser can offer a more advanced option to help patients achieve a complete resolution to their skin concerns. Halo is the first hybrid fractional laser that emits both ablative and non-ablative laser energy to improve the skin’s appearance on many levels, including building new collagen, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, eradicating dark spots and diminishing various types of scarring.

Patients with jowls, strong nasolabial folds and marionette lines may also benefit from a non-invasive face lift with Novathreads. This quick treatment restores improves facial contouring in under an hour. With minimal downtime and very little discomfort, the face looks tighter and smoother with more defined cheeks and jawline.

To learn more about the Novathread PDO threadlift, Sciton Halo laser or Microneedling with the Eclipse MicroPen®, call our San Francisco office to schedule your consultation with an experienced Azala clinician today.

Eclipe MicroPen® Microneedling before and after photos female patient with improved ice pick acne scars.

Eclipe MicroPen® Microneedling Before and After Photos Ice Pick Scars


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