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Halo by Sciton® is the first and only hybrid fractional laser in the world. The Halo hybrid fractional laser uses a combination of wavelength energy at exactly the right depth to repair the visible signs of aging, sun damage, discoloration, enlarged pores, scars, and uneven skin tone without the downtime and unwanted side effects of traditional fractional lasers.*

This laser is safe for most skin types and the result is a luminous, rejuvenated appearance, the “Halo glow.”* We are one of the very few practices in Northern California to offer this exclusive technology. Most patients notice a dramatic difference in tone, texture, and tightness with just one treatment, but may require additional treatments to achieve full correction.

What Makes Halo Unique From Other Lasers?

Halo is different than other lasers for skin rejuvenation because it makes use of two distinct lasers that are activated at the same time.  The first laser removes the damaged, outer layers while the second laser accelerates healing by creating hundreds to thousands of microscopic band-aid.  Each laser spot made by the first laser gets the microscopic band-aid from the second laser.

Why is Halo Your Laser of Choice?

For patients here in San Francisco, there is huge pressure for them to get back to their lives as soon as possible.  Halo deliver the most beautiful results with the shortest downtime — in 5 days or less.*

Why is Halo Loved by Your Patients?

It may sound like we’re ‘nerding’ out on its technology because it is by turns powerful and innovative.  At the end of the day, we love how our patients are telling us that they’re getting a lot of compliments from family and friends.  It’s wonderful to learn when a great number of patients tell us that they feel good about themselves because they’re glowing and never looked so youthful.*

How Many Halo Treatments Do I Need to See Beautiful Results?

Halo treatments typically require 2 to 5 sessions and have the least amount of downtime possible.

Are Facials Necessary After Halo?

Each skin care treatment will have a corrective phase (the actual treatment itself like Halo™) and a maintenance plan. A facial is part of a great skin care maintenance that will keep your skin revitalized and appear naturally young as possible for years and even decades.*

Who Will Benefit the Most from Halo?

In contrast to other lasers, the Halo™ benefits a wide range of patients who have varying pigmentation levels and skin types. Anyone with even the earliest signs of sun-damaged skin such as fine lines is an ideal Halo candidate.

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