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Facial Implants

Tiny, subtle changes in your facial contours have a huge impact on your appearance. They can bring greater balance to the face that you present to the world. For faces with a significant lack of proportion and symmetry, modifying the facial structure using facial implants to restore balance back to the face may be beneficial.*

Apart from improving your overall appearance, this procedure can give your self-esteem a huge boost if the lack of facial balance has been troubling you for a while.

Facial Implant Basics

First of all, facial implants vary in terms of the materials that they are made from. A consultation with Dr. Mosser will help you determine the right implant of choice as he explains the benefits of each implant type in detail.

Also, it’s important to determine which areas of the face needs implants as this will affect the overall balance of the area that is evaluated. For instance, a patient may be troubled by the appearance of his or her chin. However,  Dr. Mosser’s assessment and evaluation revealed that he or she will benefit the most with nose-reshaping to promote optimum facial harmony.*

Meanwhile, an older patient may prefer implants to help restore her cheekbones into a more youthful position.* Implants are really useful in improving faces with that tired or sunken look.* In most cases, facial implant surgery can be performed alongside other aesthetic facial procedures like an eyelid surgery or a facelift.

* Individual results may vary, and not guaranteed.

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