Don’t Look Hollow this Halloween

The spooky season has arrived! For many of us, Halloween is an opportunity to try something new, and proudly show the world a different version of ourselves. Whether you’re opting for a sexy classic like a French maid, or a pop culture character who is all the trend like Wonder Woman, putting together the perfect look is part of the fun.

Regardless of what you’re doing on All Hallows’ Eve, no costume is complete without your seasonal cosmetic treatments. Putting your best face forward is, after all, a must for any special occasion, Halloween included. Thankfully, you can easily achieve a natural, more youthful appearance with the help of fillers.*

Our hyaluronic acid fillers require no downtime and will give you positive improvements quickly.* Take a look below at our top picks for each facial area you may wish to enhance.

Perfect your Pout

Flirty, youthful lips are one of our top requested services here at Azala, and a plump pout is a must this Halloween. At Azala, we use Juvederm, Restylane, Volbella or Voluma to define and add volume to the lips, giving patients natural looking results that will last well into the winter season.*

Banish Dark Circles

Do you look tired even after a full night’s rest? Hollowness under the eyes can make you look older than you are. A fresh, rested face will help you stand-out from the crowd during the Halloween festivities. To address this area, Azala uses Perlane, Restylane or Juvederm to naturally fill in depressions under the eyes, so you can say goodbye to dark circles.* Unless that’s the look you’re going for this Halloween, in which case come see us after!

Smooth Laugh Lines

Fill in those smile lines around your mouth and give your face an instant lift with an injectable like Voluma or Vollure.* For a subtle enhancement that will give you an overall more youthful look, our injectable nurses provide an artistic touch to enhance your aesthetic and deliver just what you need.*

There’s nothing like enhancing your natural beauty with the help of fillers to pave the way for a fun and spooktacular evening. This Halloween, let Azala help you look and feel confident in your costume.*

As a bonus, if you take care of your cosmetic treatments now, you’ll be set for Thanksgiving and Christmas.*

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