CoolSculpting is an innovative fat loss procedure that targets fat cells underneath the skin through targeted cooling without surgery. Targeted fat cells are then naturally flushed out from the body, with no surrounding damage to healthy tissue. *

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved treatment for the abdomen, flanks (love-handles), midriff rolls, excess abdominal fat, inner and outer thighs and the upper neck/chin area. This procedure has been shown to be very effective in treating pockets of stubborn fat that are unresponsive to diet and exercise.* The procedure is non-invasive and relatively well tolerated. It is an excellent non-surgical option for many patients who wish to forego surgical fat loss.

Watch Doug receive a CoolSculpting treatment in the following video.*

How CoolSculpting Works

Initially, the CoolSculpting device will be positioned on the area targeted for treatment. Excess bulges of fat are consequently suctioned between two cooling panels. During the procedure, you will feel cold plus a bit of pressure and firmness at the same time. The procedure itself typically lasts one to three hours depending on the area being treated. Most of the time, patients undergoing this procedure can read, do light work on their laptops, or even take a nap. It is possible to schedule treatments at separate intervals in order to accommodate busy schedules.

What You Can Expect From CoolSculpting

Treatment results can extend up to 4 months, but will typically last between 1 to 3 months. For the next 4 months, targeted fat cells will continue to expend and the full benefits will be observed 2 to 8 weeks after treatment.* Long-term results can be accomplished when complemented with a balanced diet and regular exercise routine. For most of our patients, this procedure inspires them to be more mindful of their health after the treatment sessions.

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