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What is Coolaser ™ Coolaser Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Fractional laser is currently the number one treatment of choice for skin resurfacing. Both physicians and patients prefer this method of non-surgical skin rejuvenation. Its surge in popularity is due to having less downtime than traditional laser, a moderate level of pain (only a topical anesthetic is required) and a certain level of predictability. There are many different types of fractional laser devices on the market and each one varies by laser medium, depth of penetration and intended purpose.

Coolaser ™ is an ablative fractional laser device that uses Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to remove tiny sections of epidermis. Thousands of microscopic thermal injury points are delivered into the skin while leaving surrounding tissues untouched. Coolaser ™ can be used to treat fine lines and deeper wrinkles, pigmentation and texture irregularities. It can also minimize stretchmarks and acne. Multiple areas can be treated, including the face, neck, chest, back, arms and hands.

Coolaser Drawbacks and Limitations

As with most fractional laser resurfacing treatments offered today, multiple sessions are required to achieve satisfactory results. Coolaser ™ boasts less discomfort and downtime which unfortunately translates into more frequent visits to the physician’s office. Multiple session in most cases result in a much higher expense. Although considered safe for all skin types and ethnicities, those with darker complexions or Melasma need to be treated with extreme caution to prevent post-inflammatory pigmentation issues.

Big Results with Minimal Downtime

The introduction of the Halo laser by Sciton® is a real game changer when it comes to fractional skin resurfacing. Sacrificing great results for less downtime is no longer necessary. Halo achieves in only two sessions the same level of improvement that could take five or six sessions with Coolaser™. Halo’s superior skin rejuvenation capabilities are made possible by being the first and only hybrid fractional device that delivers both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths simultaneously, using two separate lasers.

Halo fractional laser is a multi-tasker like the Coolaser™. Only it gets the job done in fewer visits and with a greater degree of accuracy and customization. Sun damage, deeper wrinkles, acne scars and pigmentation issues are precisely targeted by the non-ablative 1470 nm wavelength. The second laser utilizes the Er:YAG at 2940 nm to ablate necrotic tissue from the skin’s surface and speed up healing. A high degree of flexibility means the ablative function can be disabled in cases where the patient is not a good candidate or doesn’t require superficial resurfacing.

Another first in the laser universe, and unique only to Halo, is a process that creates ‘band-aids’ to help reduce downtime and accelerate regeneration. As the two lasers deploy energy into the epidermis they fire in a circular “halo” shape around one another creating tiny bandages made up of one’s own tissues. These ‘band-aids’ have a protective effect during recovery which can take anywhere from 3-5 days.

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Before and after Halo Fractional Laser female patient improvement in pigment and skin aging

Halo Fractional Laser Before & After Photo Pigment & Texture Improvement

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