Collagen Stimulators

Collagen, a natural component of the skin, is part of the underlying support structure of the skin’s deeper layers. As we age, our collagen framework becomes thinner and provides less support, causing our skin to form wrinkles over time. Products, such as Sculptra, Radiesse and Artefill work partially to stimulate your body’s own collagen production. One major improvement of the modern fillers is the incredible longevity compared to the original collagen products. What was once a 2-3 month correction can now be a 6 month, 1 year, or even up to 5-year correction and beyond.* During a consultation with Dr. Mosser, he will discuss all available options for selecting the optimal filler for you.


Sculptra is a filler made from PLLA (poly-L-lactic acid). For decades, PLLA is the main material used in making absorbable sutures such as surgical-dissolving stitches. It has been proven to be safe in humans as it simply dissolves and can be flushed completely out of the system. Each vial of Sculptra has tiny amounts of powdered material that stimulates collagen production and eventually improving facial volume. Sculptra is best for patients who need large amounts of fillers to treat areas in the face that need a significant amount of volume such as hollow, sunken cheeks.* Treating these areas with standard fillers won’t work because of the large amounts required to achieve desired results.
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Radiesse is a calcium-based filler that works well with a great number of areas in the face. It contains the same type of calcium (also known as hydroxyapatite) that human bones are made of, making Radiesse well-tolerated by the body.  Radiesse works well with those “pre-jowl” areas near the outer chin, smile lines, acne scars, and hand rejuvenation.* Aside from being relatively safe, the volumizing effects of Radiesse can last up to 10 to 12 months, longer than the usual 4 to 6 months of most hyaluronic acid fillers out there.

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Of all fillers, Artefill is the best choice for longest-lasting results. Several studies have shown that Artefill is consistent in providing results of up to 5 years or more. Artefill is made of PMMA (poly-methyl methacrylate) — an ultra uniform material that has been used in both surgery and medicine for decades now. With its ultra uniform characteristics, Artefill takes on a consistent shape and size, making Artefill injections safe and predictable. It has been found out that fillers found outside America are impure, unsafe, and increases one’s risk of the body’s rejection. Therefore, it’s important to always go for PMMA that is manufactured using the exact specifications that Artefill uses to ensure that the material is taken well by the body.

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