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Buttock Lift

Sometimes the body is a victim of its own success. Considerable weight loss can make huge improvements in bodily appearance, but it can also have the effect of revealing extra skin and sometimes sagging tissues. When maturity or weight loss leads to extra skin in the buttock area, the buttocks will typically appear flat, droopy, or even concentrate the buttock tissue just above the fold, instead of overlying the main part of the buttock where it belongs. A buttock lift can correct this problem by removing excess skin in the upper butt and lower back areas and providing a smoother, tighter appearance.* In addition, the transition between the buttocks and thighs can also be improved with the procedure.*

Buttock Lift Basics

The buttock lift procedure involves removing some of the of the excess skin in the upper butt and lower back areas, which has the effect of lifting the buttock tissues to their former position. Sagging tissues are lifted and removed and a flat rear end becomes rounder.* Additionally, the aesthetic transition between the buttocks and the thighs can be greatly improved.* It is important to note that the buttock lift focuses primarily on improving the quality and tightness of the skin, not adding additional volume. Patients who are interested in adding volume may benefit most from fat grafting to the buttocks (also called a Brazilian butt lift). The specific surgery you will undergo depends on the unique characteristics of your body, realistic goals that you and Dr. Mosser have agreed on, and the specific conditions you want to correct.

* Individual results may vary, and not guaranteed.

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