Broad Band Light (BBL)


Sciton Broad Band Light (BBL) lasers are the next generation of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) lasers, and are the most advanced treatment option for pigmentation issues, acne, rosacea, redness, broken capillaries, and sun damage .* Broad Band Light not only works on the face, but it can also improve the damage or uneven texture of your neck, chest, arms, hands, and other areas. 3-4 treatments are recommended for the best results, which will give you glowing, radiant skin that looks years younger.*

Forever Young BBL

Forever Young BBL is an ongoing series of BBL treatments designed to keep your complexion radiant and even, after the corrective series of BBL is completed. A ten-year study conducted at Stanford University found that regular BBL treatments can actually reverse DNA damage in deeper layers of the skin. This treatment can actually slow the signs of aging, giving you long-term, younger, fresher-looking skin without downtime.*

Why Did You Decide to Bring BBL Technology Into Your Practice?

I’m always looking for the safest, most innovative technology that will provide the most optimal results and give that wow factor with the least amount of downtime. After I studied and evaluated two dozen types of laser technology, I discovered that BBL delivers the best outcomes while providing a consistent and predictable amount of manageable downtime.

This type of laser technology is considered the most accurate and powerful “intense pulsed light” in the United States today. With Scion, the most dramatic skin improvements are just within reach, given that the tool is placed in the hands of an experienced laser skin care practitioner.

What Makes BBL the Most Impressive and Powerful Technology?

Apart from being exceptionally accurate, BBL is safer and works really well for the most challenging skin types. Forever Young BBL is a fast, pain-free treatment that you can opt to have every three months. Recent research has proven that this treatment can return older skin to its younger state and stimulate its function like younger, vibrant skin on a cellular level.

What Makes BBL Different From Other Intense Pulsed Light Technologies?

In contrast to existing technologies in the Intense Pulsed Light category, BBL is the most precise and powerful. Results can be further enhanced with a top-rate laser technology practitioner. We’ve been looking for this type of technology to match our skills and finesse as a team and we’ve finally found it with BBL.

Tell Us About Your Experience with BBL as Well as Patient Outcomes.

Our patients love how BBL effectively reduces the appearance of brown spots, pigmentation issues, skin tone woes, and tiny, red blood vessels in the face. Results are quick and truly effective. Often, most people take their skin for granted and don’t realize that too much sun exposure contributes to pigmentation problems and their aged appearance. Years are erased off your face once your natural, beautiful skin tone and complexion is revealed. Everything else in your face looks fresh, younger, and healthier.

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