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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, by and large, is a surgical procedure that aims to increase a woman’s breast size and shape by placing implants. At our San Francisco – Union Square practice, a great number of women want to improve the appearance of their breast size, with particular preference in increasing their bra size by one or more cup sizes.

Dr. Mosser offers highly advanced treatments when it comes to breast enhancement surgery. Dr. Mosser’s patients specifically benefit from his extensive knowledge on different incision options, implant placement, and new types of implants offered by industry leaders such as the Natrelle Collection by Allergan, Inc. Each type of breast augmentation surgery at our practice is tailored to each patient’s needs and a personalized surgical plan is made after a number of decisions related to the procedure itself.

Basics of Breast Augmentation

Breast implant type, texture, shape and filling material as well as incision locations are decisions that you need to make with Dr. Mosser’s expertise and assistance. His recommendations will be based on your unique needs and preferences. Currently, breast implants that are available in the United States are made of silicone shells with either silicone or saline fillings. In November 2006, the United States Food and Drug Administration evaluated and decided that silicone breast implants are safe for cosmetic breast enhancement surgery.

Breast Augmentation Costs

We’re often asked in our San Francisco, Union Square, office what Breast Augmentation costs. On average, the cost of breast augmentation ranges from $7,200 to $8,200.

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